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Investment Focus

Bell Valley Capital's strategy is to acquire an established company with a history of stable, recurring revenue and cash flow with minimal capital investment requirements. We prioritize founder-owned businesses who desire to fully transition out of the business or significantly reduce their involvement with the company. 

We focus on "old economy" industries located in the Midwest that aren't sensitive to economic cycles, tech disruption, or regulations.




  • Motivated founder-owned or privately-held business seeking retirement or business exit

  • Straight-forward operations

  • Revenue predictability and customer diversity 

  • Committed management and employees

  • Annual EBITDA / Cash Flow of $500,000 to $2,000,000

  • Profit margins greater than 10%

  • Minimal capital expenditure and working capital requirements

  • Sustained history of profitability 

  • Business services / home services / light industrial / B2B

  • Attractive growth prospects with low likelihood of disruption from technology or regulatory shocks

  • Limited cyclicality or seasonality

  • Fragmented market >$1 billion in size

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