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Our Mission


Bell Valley Capital represents a group of successful entrepreneurs seeking to acquire and operate established private companies operating within the U.S.

We are dedicated to providing a reliable and streamlined alternative for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking a transfer of ownership. Our mission is to maintain business continuity, preserve the business legacy and drive future growth. 

Our Commitment


Investment Capital

We are backed by private investors eager to deploy capital for the right opportunity and are capable of consummating a transaction within 60 -90 days.  



We will work in partnership with business owners to structure a transaction that best meets the needs of the seller.  Bell Valley Capital is open to owners retaining an ongoing stake and continuing involvement with the company. 


Long-Term Focus

Our focus is on preserving and enhancing the legacy of great companies. We appreciate the passion and vigor founders infuse into their businesses and are committed to bringing the same focus on long-term, sustainable growth. 


Employee Prioritization

We understand that a great company's most valuable asset is its employees. We also appreciate that the employees often act as an extension of the family for founder-owned businesses. Bell Valley Capital is committed to maintaining strong relationships with existing management. 


Straightforward Approach

Selling a business is one of the most difficult decisions and processes a business owner can experience. We conduct all transactions with an intense focus on integrity, professionalism and confidentiality. We are committed to providing a seamless transition for the company's founder, employees and customers.    


Leadership Expertise

Bell Valley's operating team brings the ideal blend of leadership, financial and transaction experience. We plan to take a hands-on role, actively running the business's day-to-day operations post closing. 

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